29 November 2011

Biznass - Packaging

Now that I've got a nice assortment of goodies AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the shop, I'm turning my focus back to better branding and something most important: the packaging.  I'm a sucker for unique, fun, reusable packaging stuffs, so I'm excited to pull together all of the resources I already have (random stacks of card stock, newsprint, pretty ribbon and string) and mix with some much needed branding accessories (rubber stamps with logo, stickers for packing and little cards for securing earrings, bracelets and necklaces).

I've compiled some my favorite hang tags and wrapping ideas below and if you're looking to create unique packaging for your own creative business, this handy article by Rena Tom is on the money.

image via A Merry Mishap.

Glasine bags, stickers, twist ties, string and other pretty packaging items from Pretty Tape.

the cutest little bags from Deer in a Bottle and via The New Domestic.

no frills, cute/pretty packaging DIY using the most basic of household stuff.


  1. I must say these are lovely designs. I am very happy that you have shared your collection with us. I really find the bags very cute and nice. I want to buy one bag for myself. Are they available online? All I can say these bags are excellently designed.
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  2. Thanks! I had a fun time searching for some inspiring packaging. You can probably find tutorials online for how to make the cloth bags. If you have fabric and a sewing machine, I believe making them is quite easy. Or check the links below each photo for more info on where to purchase!