30 January 2013

OTL Featured on Uncovet!

What an exciting Wednesday it's been :) My feature on Uncovet.com just went live!  Eeeeeeeee! Kind of awesome, right? Uncovet is a rad, little, online shop that features small-run and one of a kind, handmade pieces from all sorts of designers and up-and-coming makers.  Oh hay, bonus: All items are discounted too, 10-15% off!  Check out OTL Jewelry on Uncovet!

This is such a big step for On The Lookout! I am still a little in shock that the intense desire to start a creative business + an out of control bead obsession have even gotten me to this point!  There is still so much more that I want to learn and do and make and see, but this feeling of tangible success feels DAMN GOOD :)  #craveit

On the Lookout Jewelry on Uncovet.com!

For this feature there will be five pieces from the most recent collection on Uncovet:

(Yay) So, I'm going to make a big effort to not freakout/over think/get anxious... And instead enjoy this moment,  smile + give myself a little pat on the back. And then get. back. to work ;)

Hope it's a great hump day for you too, friends!

28 January 2013

Moodboard Monday / In the Bedroom

I've been talking (to anyone who will listen) about wanting to really decorate my place, so I thought it would be fun to throw up some quick moodboards about that, in lieu of actually doing it... I'm a busy girl, you see.  First off: The Bedroom.  Because some of THE MOST important stuff goes down in here -wink- and I think what you wake up to could seriously make or break your morning day/night/week.  A bit over dramatic? Yes, yes I is.

Anyway, here's a mash up of decore, storage and comfort pieces I'd like to see in my bedroom:

In the Bedroom Moodboard | by OTL blog

For me a bedroom calls for a quiet, uncluttered space, with a muted colors + soft textures + scattered pops of color for some energizing fun.  I pulled together this mood board to help dictate the feel of my bedroom revamp and I think it will really be helpful when I have the time to actually make it happen :) Anyone else redecorating out there?  If so, how do you organize your ideas in an effort to create the outcome you want?

Oh and have a great Monday everyone!

24 January 2013

I N - T H I S - M O M E N T / 01

I am...

in this moment 01 | by OTL blog

Thinking about : My future +  how I am tying to do it all right now + "the art of failure." What, if anything, do I need to let go of in order to REALLY have time and mental space for the things that have me grinning ear to ear?  I've been feeling a little in over my head lately, with a hand in everything.  And while I love the challenge of being drawn to do + accomplish so many things, I've lost sight of where I actually want to go.  I think it may be time to slow down and reconnect with that.  Similar thoughts seen around the web here + here.

Wanting : To revamp the decore in my bedroom.  So. much. inspiration.  Not enough time/money/knowledge... not like that won't stop me from trying!  First task: paint the muddy, cream-colored walls WHITE.

Cooking/Eating : I made this baked polenta with tomato + basil recipe last night and it was SO damn GOOD.  And super easy to boot!  I still have the appetite of a teenage boy, but my nearly 30-year old digestive tract CANNOT HANDLE the crap I've been eating. So, here's to learning to cook + fueling this body the right way.

Obsessed with : Block Shop Scarves + the design process behind the brand, as well as the process of actually producing these beautiful accessories.  Evetthing in the shop sold out in record time -- I can't wait to see what this sisterly duo comes up with next!

15 January 2013

M O O D B O A R D Monday / The Ocean

Mood board Mondays.  Because I like doing these little mash ups and I hope you like looking.  Soon to actually come on Monday's!

BTW how good is Frank Ocean's, "Swim Good?"  I'm still kind of obsessed.

ocean moodboard  by OTL blog

11 January 2013


These are paintings that I feel like I could design a whole collection around.  The colors, the drippiness and  free-form geometrics.  Super vivid and organic.

Loci / swiped from...

03 January 2013

GOALS: January 2013

I was so happy with how I did with my 5 goals from last month, that I am definitely going keep it going into the new year! 

For me, a few, simple goals are much easier to stick with than a blanket "resolution" statement -- Although I'm no stranger slightly unrealistic declarations (I WILL GET MY SHIT TOGETHER... by the END OF TODAY!) And while I think it's essential to DREAM BIG, I also know how easy it is to get carried away with a vision so phenomenal, that it quickly becomes overwhelming and unattainable.

So, some good advice, if you are struggling with the enormity of your awesome life ahead...

GOALS Post by OTL Blog | Image via Alt Design Summit.
(image via Alt Design Summit)

Start where you are : Like as in, what are you waiting for?  Right NOW is as good a time as any to start a good habit. Take a moment, after you read this maybe, to do something good for yourself. (Have a glass of water.  Easy, right?)
Use what you have : No need to wait to "get something" in order to do something.  Get creative and use what you have right in front of you.  Accomplishing a goal don't have to cost a damn thing.
Do what you can : ...and get better as you go. Being an expert or even sort of good at something the first time you try it shouldn't be the aim.  Enjoy being a beginner, it's SO FUN and there's no pressure to be perfect or get it "right" :)

Hope this New Year has been a welcome *restart* for those who need it. And for those who don't, I hope 2013 provides you with the challenge to make it even better than the year past! Get IT get IT.

^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^
My goals for January:
1. A food & drink post on the blog this month, made by myself.
2. Go running in the snow.
3. Read a book, stretch for 2. Half-way through one, I'll take it.
4. Re-pot my plants the right way, instead of just hoping for them not to die.
5. Take care of OTL biznass (proper license, business account, tax stuff -- uggh.)