03 November 2011

Twelve by 2012

I'm a big fan of goal setting and making said goals known far and wide and I'm just in time to participate in the Twelve by 2012 Project by oh, hello friend.  This is a cool idea (list, share and complete 12 goals before 2012) and I encourage you to join along! We've got about 2 more months until 2012, and I think getting some huge goals crossed of the list before the New Year will really help me keep up momentum and hit 2012 at full speed.  Because you should aim to be phenomenal all of the time and not when everyone's getting their resolutions in order, right?  And, let's be honest, those guys usually end up on the back-burner by mid-February anyway.

SO, whip up your own list and leave a comment with a link to your Twelve by 2012 blog post.

bold = complete!
italic = in progress...

1// Laundry room renovation!  Remove litter box, install shelves and clothes drying racks.  Add much needed storage for cleaning supplies and whatnot.  If you're going to be doing laundry (barf), your surroundings might as well be as conducive to cleaning and as blissful as possible.

2// Frame and hang all 8 awesome prints/posters that have been sitting in storage for years.  Re-attempt to make at least two frames by hand.

3// Forearm stand with no wall or assist!

4// Confidently running a 8.5 to 9 minute mile pace 3 times a week.

5// Find 3 local shops to sell onthelookout jewelry out of as well as 2-3 applications for some spring and summer craft fairs. Found 1 so far...

6// Create a small collection of original art for screen printed t-shirts and tank tops for the ladies.  Begin production for the shop in late December.

7// Posting a small, well curated selection of my own photography on the blog each week in order to work on them photag skills.

8// Start a savings account.

9// Apply for and get a whole seller's license. DONE

10// Plan a for a fast, fun, cheap, but awesome trip somewhere with my lover to celebrate 3 years :o) DONE, DC for new years on the cheap!

11// Create some original drawings and prints that are phenomenal and affordable for purchase in the shop.

12// Get some onthelookout business cards!  Preferably handmade and super eco-friendly.


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