15 November 2011

...Feeling Better, Grounded.

(Woof, I guess a blog rant is good for the soul every now and then!)

After that last post, I induced foreced-relaxation on a super dark drive home from work, bear hugged my man before he went for a run, made the most amazing homemade pizza (with garlic sauteed mushrooms and broccoli and a dash of curry on top).  And I did something I rarely EVER do.  I took my time.  Finely chopped garlic, perfectly crisp veggies and a sense of calm ensued.

Anyway, I ended up happy and not overly stuffed (taking your time = not shoveling food in face = happy tummy) and in the mood for a little jewelry making.  Freebie time to make whatever, letting my mind wander and my fingers play with beads and chain.  Came up with some stuff I really like.  In the shop soon, hope you like!

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