30 September 2011

"Be your best, right now. Know that everything you create can be better — your products, your photos, your packaging — and strive for that, but don’t let that keep you from putting your best out into the world at this moment."

Awesome words to repeat and remember from Kove, a Vancouver-based accessories designer and an Etsy Featured Seller.  The onthelookout shop OFFICIALLY opens October 13th...eeek!  I'm taking a short blooging break til then, although you might see some changes happening with the graphics and layout here.  Nose to the grindstone...I'm going to bead and bead and bead til I can't bead no more...

Stop It Right Now

Seriously?  Fantastic prints (Celine Spring 2011 RTW Collection)  screened onto skateboards?  And a cute pup outfit to match?  Stop it right now, this is so freaking cool.


28 September 2011

Drink More Beer?

I'm always intrigued at how much time and thought goes into package/logo/product design.  But to be honest, if you're going to spend so much time creating, perfecting, investing and selling something, then the outside should look pretty damn awesome too.  I don't need much more of a reason to drink more beer, but I'll certainly use quirky illustrations, like those ones below, to as a reason to (over) consume at my own discretion.  I'll even use the tacky ones (island-themed Corona bottles, I am looking at you). Wednesday morning brew?  Why not?

Craft beers = delicious spirits and even more amazing packaging.  Drink, admire, then recycle.

all images via.

27 September 2011

Daily Hues

I'm not sure if the author of this tumbler account still keeps current, but I love the random color and shape inspiration found on each page.  Helps get the creative juices going.

26 September 2011

Hello Monday!

Is it weird that I actually like Monday's?

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Perfect weather, a little work, a concert, a quick road trip and LOTS of beading made mine spectacular and got me ready to take on the week ahead!

23 September 2011

Friday Five (Short & Sweet)

1/ Beautifully quirky illustrations by the brotherly duo, Tom & James.  I'm going gaga over the fantastic imagery, colors, etc.  Very Basquiat, if you ask me.  via all of the mountains.
2/ The sun might be gone until next June, but I cannot get these frames off my mind! Here's to riding around for the next nine months wearing unnecessary shades.  Don't hate.
3/ Layer it on and mix and match with this awesome and fun set of necklaces.
4/ Cool jewelry by Seb Brown.  That ring needs to be mine. via the carrotbox.
5/ After our 10-day backpacking rip in the Canadian Rockies, being a hermit, high up in the mountains, surrounded by the wind and the trees and the bears and the rocks seems like the best way to escape the doldrums of "normal" city life.  Let's move to the mountains?  I'm right behind you.

Happy Friday! I'll be working my jewelry-making fingers to the bone all weekend (yay).  See you on Monday with a little onthelookout shop preview/update/sneak peak of the newest goodness.  

21 September 2011

Make Something Cool Everyday

I tried to only pick a few funny ones, but I just couldn't stop myself.

Make something cool everyday?? This idea and the works that have come out of it by artist Brock Davis (you may have seen some of his work on Threadless tee's) are so nerdy and clever.  This goes to show how making art can just be a matter of being weird yourself , using your imagination and tacking on a little ingenuity.

One day, when I run an art/design program for under privileged youth, I'm going to have them do a whole bunch of renegade art like this!  How fun and hilarious would that be? Check out all 365 creations he made on the daily for a whole year right herrrr.

via Melissa.

19 September 2011

Symmetry Goods

Have you ever seen something you wanted SO badly, immediately decided that YES, you are going to buy it and then recanted in horror when you saw the price? Yeah, sometimes scarves will make you do that.  I have a huge appreciation for handmade and unique/functional design, but no matter how much I like this, I seriously cannot buy it. Things like health insurance and gas money are more important. Things like health insurance and gas money are more important. Things like health insurance and gas money are more important (repeat as needed).


18 September 2011


Loving the dusty/distressed tones + opaque color pallet of the newest Madewell look book. The bold, bright stripes and tortoise-shell glass are really speaking to my inner nerd as well. Speaking of, my wardrobe is in need for a MAJOR overhaul. My current uniform, while comfy--running tights, athletic top, sneakers--is lacking creativity. Below are some of my top picks, all from Madewell.

1/ leather messenger bag  2/ smokeshadow sweatshirt 3/exboyfriend button up 4/ hole punch tee dress
5/ barcode bangle  6/ arrowdrop bracelet  7/ patent telegram pouch  8/ socks  9/ hot biker boots

16 September 2011

Friday Five (+1)

1// Adam and I love our bikes.  So much so that sometimes they find themselves just hanging out in the dinning room for weeks.  Eventually, we reluctantly lead them back to their home in the basement because they get in the way (as large, non-thinking, wheeled objects tend to do).  How nice would it be to look at them on the daily, along with the finely crafted shelves that they'd perch upon?
2// Crave this painting.  Perfect use of color combination.
3// I am thisclose to getting an armful of tattoos.  Always on the lookout for some beautiful, graphic inspiration.
4// I've been eyeing this hat and tons of other goodies from the YesJess etsy shop.  And now that the weather is taking an exponential turn downward, I can replace I want with I needneedNEED.
5// He likes asparagus.  She likes quinoa.  We are new vegetarians in need of ideas, lest we starve.  101 Cookbooks (along with the Moosewood Cookbook) will guide our hungry, healthy tummys.
6// How cute is this little pup-night-light?  Cleverness.

The Daily Draw // Sept 15

So steer that boat wherever your heart demands and don't look back.

I dream of drawing and making things for a living, so I'll also call this sketch a work in progress that will be available for purchase in the near, not-too-distant, awesome future.

15 September 2011

Lovely prints for Stella McCartney fragrances based clothing she did for her Summer 2011 collection. The giant florals and plush colors remind me of the wallpaper in the house that my grandparents have lived in for over 40 years.  Faceted, smokey, ombre glass bottles, they're like little gems.  These have me craving a few more heavy, hot summer days; where the flowers are on full display, fat bees and butterflies flit around and light reflects vibrantly over greengreen grass. Although I do love me some fall weather ( ie. boots/jackets/sweaters). It's only been cold here for two days and I already miss the hot and the humid... See you in 9 months, Summer.

via the dieline.

14 September 2011

Kamal Stationary

Pretty enough to keep for yourself (big smile), give (yay for being unselfish) or frame (can you tell I'm dying to leave work so I can go home and rearrange/decorate?)  Because sometimes the card and the wrapping is the gift.

These would also work so well for any upcoming engagement parties/weddings... Congrats Chrissy and George! BIG hugs and little kisses from Ohio!).