30 June 2011

One Click And It's Mine

Paypal makes it waaay to damn easy to buy things online.  Pretty print by The Post Family, soon to be framed (custom built) and hung in the studio.
...Shhhhh, don't tell the boy.

swiped from seesaw.

Wedding Weekend

What a Weekend.

Two main goals were to take tons of pictures and have a lovely time celebrating with friends and OH SNAP did I ever accomplish both.  I think my total on pictures was 400.  Snapping, snapping, snapping, breath, eat, drink, snap snap snap.

The best part about taking some many pictures is that I will remember this weekend forever - even the (dance party) parts I don't recall so well...The worst part about taking so many pictures is that nearly 1/2 of them suck and needed to be deleted.  But I did get a few that will warm my heart and make me laugh for years to come.  And that's what it's all about right?*

ps. *Although I love my point and shoot, I will be upgrading to a real, big girl camera very soon.  Thanks mom!

27 June 2011

friendship bracelets

these just make me smile.

via oracle fox.

22 June 2011

You've Got the Love.

This song is pure, freaking heaven on earth.  Can't wait for my day off to sit and draw and paint, sip on a dark and stormy as I listen to Flo lay it dowwwn.

21 June 2011

I Hear That

There's nothing wrong with being happy when life is sweet.  Grateful, rather.  But, as always, haters gon hate.  I love this pair prints to put them right in their place.  Get them here.

I am a busy little bee as of late, being social (winter hibernation is OVER), riding my bike allll of the time and being the most annoying little photographer I can be, which is quite a challenge during these lazy, humid days.  I am super psyched for a special wedding weekend coming up...!  Everything should be gorgeous and my fingers are already crossed for no rain (please please please Ohio, no...more...rain...).   Prepare for a photo overload.

Images via F/F.

11 June 2011

...And we're back?

hello, little antstalking kitty

OK OK I am back.

The boy is traveling cross country to scoop up a friend, so Sir Kittles and I are left to our own, uninterrupted devices. We spent a few hours outside napping in the sun, lightly flicking spiders off our legs, drinking a random beer and snapping away. That scaredy cat LOVES being in the grass. Loud noises aside, when I take him outside he goes from fat house kitty to rather primal and wild-cat-like. He's a great muse and I must admit the color of his eyes looks great against his dark fur and the abundant greenery.

Anyway, first my iPhone died. (I love that thing by the way.) Then my camera battery died. Then I ran out of film. I told you it was a photography day! So now we're inside for further (cat) napping and uploading of images. And the essence of staying on track, here's where I hop of said blog wagon and am off to upload and revive my Flickr account. YIP!

ps. Here are some of my favorite photography blogs are probably the inspiration that got me from "I want to take more photographs" to "I am taking more photographs."  Peep game, you will not be disappointed:
1// bigBANG Studio
2// for me, for you
3// sweetfineday