28 February 2011

little lockets

i love things that are pretty and functional.  so efficient.  these lockets sort of have me longing for summer along with my soon-to-be, favorite summer time outfit...

vintage lockets by verabel+FOX

22 February 2011

little forests

arghhh ...  i want to do this.  like right now.  building your own little terrarium sounds like so much fun. playing with the plants, dirt and flowers?  and getting to take your pretty creations home and decorate?  yum.

swiped from evaforeva.

17 February 2011


urgent, quick and simple stencil graffiti, found in Buenos Aries.   pretty neat huh?

swiped from julian bevan's portfolio site/blog

07 February 2011

lovers love love : for the boy

alright here it is.  the long-awaited valentine's day gift guide for your lucky boyfriend or boy who is just a friend.  or yourself.  although my man is a big fan of mathematics, bacon, chocolate chip cookies, mischief, sneakers, tee shirts, german-inspired beverages, power tools (typical), cool art and all things bikes, upon taking a closer look, this guide seems like all of the cool, tom-boy stuff i want...

1/ trojan unicorn pegasus print by tugboat print shop
2/ math + cupcakes vday card by turtle bug goods
3/ old timey slingshot from the general store
4/ courage lx sneakers by saucony
5/ bacon and chocolate chip cookies by oh joy!
6/ snap ginger infused organic liqour swiped from for me, for you
7/ bosch router
8/ you are my singularity card by 4four
9/ storm troopers calaveras shirt by misNopales Art Shop
10/ bike bowl by circa ceramics

05 February 2011

on the lookout : jewelry

ok, my ultimate dream for the past year or so has been to set up a little jewelry shop of all of the necklaces i make.  as of late, i am becoming really obsessive about making isshh and that seems like a good indication that it might be about time to plan on actually setting up said shop and selling legit stuff.

i have a small menagerie of basic tools (jeweler's saw, the boy's drill and hammer, bitty little files and sandpaper) and just made a bigger purchase for a fordome flex shaft kit b/c my current tools are starting to really limit what i can make.  with that i'll be able to drill smaller and more accurate holes, grind, sand and polish and be a less ghetto jewelry maker overall.  yay.  so i'm gonna start posting about this life project too...here's a small look at the stuff i am making.  pretty basic, but i like so far and you gotta start somewhere!

music weekend

love this song and the awesome -animated!- music video someone made to go along with it.

02 February 2011

lovers love love: the plan

oh hello. i've been reading a lot of blogs around these internets lately and i love the themes that some of these ladies have. modish has kitty photo friday; for me, for you is on with music mondayfly comin up with flygirl of the week; oh joy! has closet & casa; and bigBANG studio does it SO well with the sweetest xmas guide, "presents for the people you love".  so, i'm going to make the effort to get in on a BIG theme before it's too late -- valentine's day, every woman's favorite holiday.

i kid!!!!!

not like anyone is reading at this point, but i guess now is a good time to start the habit of thinking ahead.  so, in the next few days i'm going to make the effort to do my own love day post:  "for him" and more importantly "for her," before the big day hits...and if i have time, "for friends, "for cat," etc etc.   ok i'm off to start looking!  (and stenciling that quote over the boy's and my bed -- IF i can get away with it)

image swiped from seesaw.

01 February 2011

monsters, mammoths and bears

oh yes, i like things with sharp teeth.  especially when they are all done up so cute, artsy and non-threatening like.  all goodies swiped from etsy.

1/ kraken attakin' prints by keith noordzy
3/ bigfoot boy by mbartshop
5/ grizzly bear mask print by matty8080
5/ dinosaur on a bike tee by dark cycle clothing
6/ wooly mammoth puzzle by clouds at dawn