10 July 2011

28 is the new 28 (belated bday post to myself...)

I wrote this on my birthday and never posted it.  Talk about adult-onset ADD.  Anyhoo, I don't see the harm in throwing it up here now, do you?

May 30, 2011:

Happy birthday to me and Memorial Day to you kids out there!  I hope the weather was phenom wherever you were, as it certainly was here.

My day was perfect: A (first) 30-mile bike ride, bbq, volleyball and pool time, Harry Potter movie/nap, dinner and bday brownies made by the boy.  SO fun.  Isn't weird how you "care" less and less about your own birthday as you get older?  I am normally one of those "It's my birthday WEEK/MONTH/YEAR" type of people (only child for sure), but this time all i wanted to do was relax, be outside, laugh and eat good food with friends.  Simple pleasures.

Along the lines of getting older, wiser and a tiny bit more mature,  I've also begun to set short and long-term goals and an action plan to help me reach my best life and best self.  It will be interesting to look back at this date a year from now and see what got done.

One year goals (age, 29)
1/ I create new product consistently for onthelookout, blog at least every other day and am selling jewelry and accessories at 3 local shops and do my first craft show for the spring season.
2/ I bike 150+ miles for MS on August 14th, 2011. (dunzo! and it was AWESOME.)
3/ I run my 2nd 10k in under 50 minutes on October 9th, 2011.
4/ I save $2,000 for a snowboarding trip to Big Sky, MT this winter and buy myself a GNU Snowboard...dream big, right?

Inspire me!  I want to hear some of your goals too!

08 July 2011

The Daily Draw // June 8

My other job is pretty sweet too.  Basically, I get to be super creative all day (with only a few rules), amongst a witty crew.  Our storage space is massive and stocked full of blank canvases/cardboard boxes housing our wares.  There is never a shortage of Sharpie markers (gush).  And so, when I gets a little antsy from sitting at my desk, I take to the warehouse and do a little doodling.  Sometimes it is found and I perk up to gales of laughter hours later, sometimes it goes unnoticed, my little secret.

Mike Gonzalez

Sort of Absolutely obsessing over the most recent collections by Mike Gonzalez.  The head ware, the jewelry, the make up...phenom.  I couldn't pick just a few favorites.  To be honest, I didn't even try.  Sometimes that's ok right?  I'll put my filter back on later.  In the meantime, enjoy.

BTW, this is the same Mike of MIKE&CHRIS.  I OWN A FEW M&C hoodies that I was infatuated with in a previous life...2 years ago.It's nice to know that great obsessions never really die. *Pulls "old" M&C hoodies out of storage and puts them promptly onto body.*

via fly girls.

07 July 2011


I hope your 4th was bangin.  I had a super one as well...massive consumption of drinks on the front stoop; Some yes-I-deserve-it-for-no-reason cookie dough ice cream WITH extra sprinkles; Boots, rain jackets, tents, in preparation of our 10-day backpacking trip to Banff, Canada; A run that ended too soon with a stand off and a bite by a pit bull,OW*; Couch relaxing and champagne sipping with my man and a wide-eyed kitty, while fireworks boomed and banged around us.  It was lovely.  MINUS the dog bite.

*I KNOW, RIGHT?  Yes, I was attacked by a pit bull on my run this holiday weekend.

Luckily, I've parted ways with my ipod addiction and was able to hear and spot the little asshole as he darted out.  The dog left two bite marks on my forearm and would have continued to attack, but somewhere deep inside my bad-assed alter ego rose up and said ..."OH. HELL. NAW."  So, instead of trying to run away (which wouldn't have worked anyway) I turned and faced the little f--ker. I puffed up my chest, balled my fists and yelled with all of my might:  "HEEEY!!! GET BACK DOG!  HEEY! NOT TODAY DOG!! NOT TO-DAY!! GET. BACK!!!"  Badass.  I must toot my own horn and say, I kept it real REAL.  The dog eventually backed up far enough for me to take some baby steps back away from its "territory," otherwise known as the public side walk.  I trotted home, had some tears and the boy promptly took me to file a police report and then to the hospital for shots.

A word to the wise (because I know you guys aren't fools): Be aware when you run.  I usually try to zone out on my runs, to relax and have a little zen, but remember, there are crazy drivers, bikers and dogs who aren't necessarily looking out for YOU.  And you the shit.  So, stay safe and run like the wind!

01 July 2011

The Daily Draw // June 30

Drawing, which I love, takes patience, which I do not have.  And so I practice, practice, practice (both patience and drawing) and I share with you.

"We Stay Winning"