31 October 2011

Ghosts, Goblins and Unibrows

...scary.  Happy Halloween!

Ilona Kohn

I'm having a major crisis of the I WANTS right now, spurred on by the creations of another amazing designer and blogger.  Someone, please give me the strength to not buy beautiful things that deserve to be bought'n.  Suede ankle booties, I'm talking to you too.

28 October 2011

Phenom Fridays : General Awesomeness

Please excuse the fact that this weeks picks for Friday aren't trending towards anything specific, but instead just had me do a little triple take as my eyes ingested their awesome-factor.

1/ Sexy, cross-back dress.  HOT.
2/ Glossy boots in the best color in the world. via Pinterest.
3/ ...Said boots, cozied up with some handmade goodness.
4/ Lux meets simplicity with the pouches and bags by Rennes.  This is one seriously talented lady.
5/ I've been playing around with clay lately, the available colors are fantastic and the shapes you can make are only limited by your imagination.  This is some great inspiration for the more organic, rocky forms I'd love to create and have dangling from a long chain.
6/ This has been going round and round the blogshpere lately and I am pumped to have found out in just enough time to join!  More on that later.  via Modish.
7/ The waytooexpensive factor is canceled out by the awesome factor of this plush little sweater for your laptop.  And yes, that is mathematically correct.
8/ Wishing it was time for a new watch!  Pun intended.
9/ No matter what, this you must always remember to be.
10/ Hehe.  Oh, English Language.  You and your rules.
11/ Minimal make up with perfect, eyeliner application.  Might have to get all fancied up this weekend and try this.
12/ Magenta origami deer head wall decor?  Yes yes yes.

That's all she wrote!  Have a great weekend!

The Daily Draw // October 27

Last night I did a quick study for some mold-and-bake clay pendants I'd like to work into the onthelookout jewelry line up.  Oh, the colors... (swoon).

26 October 2011

Dagg & Stacey

If I wasn't so obsessed with hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers, this is how I would dress, hands down.  The cool greys, saturated navys, olives, creams and blues are paired perfectly with bright scarves, bold, high-waited belts and just the right amount of jewelry.  Loving it.  

25 October 2011

Color Shock : Maya Huyak

Image dump and  video of extreme awesomeness by muralist, painter, photographer and overall badass, Maya Huyak.  'Bright, massive, intricate and joyful' is how he describes her work.  I could not agree more.


21 October 2011

The Best Day of the Week

And with those wise words in mind, I say, "Adios, work week and HELLO, self-inflicted, relaxing weekend..."  Happy Friday!


19 October 2011

Jill Stuart Spring 2012

Plush colors, feminine silhouettes and bold shapes have me obsessing over the 2012 Spring/Summer RTW line by Jill Stuart.  The whole collection seems to be a nod to Candy Land (aka the best game ever for ages 4-10 and 28), the working woman and fairy tale princesses all in one.  Great color inspiration and it goes to show that juicy pastels DO have a place in the land of fashion.  Not my usual style, but I enjoy it!  

17 October 2011

The Daily Draw (Collage)

This is my most recently project for the Visual Design class I'm taking.  The idea was to create a collage that simultaneously showed unity and disunity.  Naturally I choose to use cut outs of triangles only (unity), but of differing colors and orientation (disunity). I quite like the outcome and the cat was amused...until he realized that all shapes were firmly affixed with wood glue.  Cat-chaos plan, FOILED!

...And while we're on the subject of cats, I bring to you some neat cat-themed prints via LPP.

14 October 2011

Bark Decor

In love.  With everything.

Selling my own, handmade accessories, screen printed t-shirts, and original illustrations = my ULTIMATE dream job.  One step at a time...

13 October 2011

The Bird Machine

It's eye candy like this that makes me want to get all fancy and spend some major chips on framing awesome prints and hang them all over our house.

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