25 April 2011

donald glover

check out the hilariousness and talent that is donald glover (and he blogs what WHAT).

swiped from miss moss.  photography by ariel rosenbloom from the spring issue of bullett magazine.

24 April 2011

onthelookout: the shop is officially SHOPPABLE

get some.

1/ ALETA      2/ FULL CIRCLE      3/ TOTEM      4/ TOTEM      5/ ROK      6/ EUROPA

20 April 2011


our imaginations and potential certainly are limitless (and totally within our reach) aren't they?

photo swiped from modish. via erle.

12 April 2011

crave: bookends

wouldn't you love to stare at a row of old, hardcover books in between these beauties?

swiped from oracle fox.

07 April 2011

pendleton wool

i have a huge crush on accessories pretty much anything made from pendleton wool.  you?

top/ wool macbook case from spartan.
center/ pendleton wool saddle blankets (as good a reason as any to get a horse if you ask me...) and throw from pendleton.
bottom/ woolen pouch by little bryd vintage.

bridge and burn

i'm sort of a color slut when it comes to accessories: show me some jewelry, bags, shoes, hair clips, curtains, pillows, whatever in a fantastic hue and it'll be on my body or in my house before you can say "wait, those are mine..."

that being said, my clothing color palette tends to stay almost boringly neutral, to accommodate colorful add ons.  that is why i am loving these jackets by bridge and burn.  simple, neutral, BUT with just enough going on to make a statement on their own.  i'll take the one in the middle, thank you.

06 April 2011

office space

gaw, i love these bookshelves.  hell yes to  ladies wielding power tools and making thangs.

swiped from silvia song.

marco saurez

atmospheric and eerily pretty prints by marco saurez.

check more out here.