16 November 2011

White Walls?

[interior space crisis...]

This fireplace is perfection.

 above images via A Merry Mishap.

 above images via the DwellStudio Blog.

 image from fellow fellow.

images via design*sponge.

swiped from oh joy! -- image by unison home.

For someone who demanded that they be the final judge in wall colors for our new house, I'm awfully surprised that I'm even thinking what I'm thinking right now...

I kind of hate dislike our walls.  They were colorfully painted less than two years ago, all of them laboriously scrapped, mudded, primed and painted by Z and I am already sick of them.  I think it's the failed attempts at daily photography (all I want is a SIMPLE backdrop, people!) or the abundance of grey cloud coverage in Ohio.  Or maybe it's the fab interior inspiration I've been seeing everywhere.  But, I love how light, airy, bright and new a space with white walls looks.  And it seems as though colorful decor, prints and dark wooden floors then become more of the spotlight, no?  Either way, white walls seem to be calling and I have a bedroom that I'm allowed to re-decorate soon, so I might take the jump with that.  What do you think?  Or maybe something a bit less drastic, like a super-pale, mint-grey hue?    I'm going to go ahead and say if you're going to make anything white, it might as well be the walls.  The thought of having to (successfully) clean white furniture will forever give me the creeps...

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