24 May 2012

collection 005

[Cool stuff found on these here Internets.]

phenom finds 005 // a collection of internet goodness by onthelookout

1// Best bang and bun combo ever. (While you're at it, check out the other photos from this Aussie wedding.  So damn dreamy.)
2// These stripped shoes.
3// A little, leather pouch in the perfect, rosebud hue.
4// DIY, washi tape, elk head. via joelledesign.
5// Hand-dyed, chevron necklace. via Simple Hands.
6// Ohh, this CLEVELAND weather.  Time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, eh?

(And so it goes, white, black, gold, aqua and pink are still my favorite colors.  Here's to consistency!)

Photograph: Jung Lee

Gorgeous and atmospheric photographs of Korean landscapes with ghostly overlaid text or neon signage nestled within, by Jung Lee.

When you look at the mountains and the trees and the landscapes before you, what else do you see?

swiped from Raneytown.

18 May 2012


I cried a little when I realized that this was a little girls swim suit and therefore would never fit over my grown up, lady parts. Dang.

10 May 2012

Herman Miller Eames Painted Chairs

artist: Mark Giglio

artist: Andrew Holder

Even if you don't have the instinctual urge to draw on blank walls/furniture/anything, this video of 5 designers decorating the Herman Miller Eames chairs might push you to unleash your tagging "skills" upon the most common of objects.  I say, do it!

Above are my favorite of the custom painted Eames chairs, but you can see all 5 here and check out video snippets by the artists themselves.

01 May 2012

onthelookout Spring 2012!

[It's finally here...]

Many of you may know that I've been working on my own, handmade jewelry line for the past six months... So, I wanted to finally (officially) introduce everyone to onthelookout jewelry!

I began creating my own line of quality, handmade accessories several months ago: abstract geometric patterns and vibrant symbols; Native American and African-inspired designs made with richly colored beadwork, gemstones, leather and brass; playful expressions that incorporate a contemporary, tribal and ethnic flair. I've always enjoyed making things and starting a creative business where I have full control has been insanely rewarding - and terrifying! I've put my whole heart into everything you see here (and a lot you don't want to see) and this process has truly helped me develop my passion for creativity and construction.

So, 'I'm making jewelry now...' But, how did I come up with the name onthelookout? Well, to me, onthelookout means always being open enough to see the beauty that lies within the everyday; it means welcoming possibilities even when they come disguised as seemingly insurmountable challenges. Launching an accessories line was something that I never thought I could actually accomplish and be proud of. But, I've found that when your eyes and your heart are open enough, you will see a universe that is willing to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN.  I named my company such that I am always reminded to stay onthelookout for the 'silent draw and gentle pull of what I really love to do, as it will not lead me astray.'

I certainly encourage you to do the same.  And I hope you enjoy the jewelry while you're at it!

Much thanks to EVERYONE for their help and guidance.  I am here today, beaming, proud and taking a leap because of your phenomenal support :)