30 March 2011

lily stockman

i've been a huge fan of the talented lady behind this blog since i stumbled upon it about a year ago.  lily stockman is witty, well-traveled, inspiring and an amazing artist.

the pretty pieces from her most recent collection are drenched in vivid colors and aim to "reconsider the canon of Indian architecture through colorful paintings of India's modern-day agricultural warehouses."

her art speaks simply, honestly and deep -- and there something so refreshing about works that are not only a joy to look at, but still speak an important cultural message.  so, if you haven't checked out her work, you ought too right now!

images swiped from bigBANGstudio

29 March 2011

can we get a little warmth

spring has been creeping its way into NE ohio unfathomably slowly, but surely.  the past few days mother nature has been tempting us with the clearest blue skies and blinding bright sunlight.  unfortunately the temperature has yet to get with the program and is still hovering around 15 to 30 degrees.  cold.  not to mention there is still snow in the forecast.  roast.

come ON spring, i think we're good and ready to break out some colorful spring accessories, open the windows of our cars and homes and breathe in a little fresh air!  i am certainly ready for the flowers to bloom.  and my winter uniform --black north face jacket, jeans and smart wool socks-- is getting old and about to molt.

anyway, i've always been a fan of (any) COLOR, but recently i'm really craving bright blasts of pink, yellow, green, blue, whatever.  these are a few items that are making me extra pumped for warmer weather...and could be some great inspiration for another round of otl jewelry.  spring will come soon.  it has to, right?

1/ mexicana series pouches by scout&catalogue
2/ najavo quilt pillow by shapescolors
3/ geometry notebook from our our shop
4/ exfoliating olive oil soap by catherine filippelli
5/ rorschack silk top by dion lee
6/ peacock fan no 2 necklace by spinthread
7/ tangerine colored tights via anuk harvey
8/ totem necklace by onthelookout
9/ wool macbook case by spartan
10/ foot loose-tangerine-mango bango.  nail polish colors by essie
11/ a room at the petite hotel hafa swiped from scout&catalogue

27 March 2011

princesse tam tam

i'm in serious love with this jumper by princesses tam tam.  take a peek their online shop...although it might make you question wearing comfy/baggy/ugly sweats vs. hot lingerie to hang around the house in.  those Parisians know whats UP.

swiped from honestly...WTF.

17 March 2011

yes, please

i'll take a couple hundred of these pretty little babies.  in a rainbow of colors, textures and sizes.  please and thank you.

flower hair pins by garden of whimsey / swiped from fly

11 March 2011

onthelookout/ pre-shop opening

i love NE ohio.  i spent the better half of this ah-mazing snow day taking more pictures, editing and adding to the shop.  it's crazy how much better i've gotten at taking pics with my camera.  i seriously take the thing everywhere.  shopping trips to home depot included.  they boy is unfazed at this point by seeing me take pictures of lumber and screws.  the rest of the people there?  not so much.  whatever, practice makes perfect.

anyway, take a peek!  i got four necklaces up so far, with two more styles finished to shoot and upload tomorrow...plus a million more necklace, bracelet and earring ideas floating around in my dome.  but i am going to limit these new ideas to the daydreams and sketches, as constantly being in create mode, a cute store does not equal.  once i get the last two pieces up, then i can head back to making making and making.

my next major step will be taking this thing public.  facebook, mass emails, spreading the word to all...so scary, but so exciting.  a year in the making, i guess it's time to get the ball rolling huh?

02 March 2011

this is your brain on necklaces

i have been in major *create* mode the past few weeks or so, in an effort to make this jewelry shop a reality.  so far i've had the time (in between work, working out, living, sleeping, eating and applying to grad school) to set up a sad sad little shop on etsy...but better is soon to come.  this is a small preview of what i'll be adding to the onthelookout shop next...  i hope you like.  i certainly do (although there is always room for improvement).  you gotta start somewhere, right?

joe bauldoff

i just want to climb into this image.  the fluidity and the colors of this little traveler are so enticing.  and so my obsession with graphic design continues...

the euronaut by joe bauldoff.  check out his neat graphic design blog as well!