25 May 2011

michelle obama

our first lady is just the BEST.  phenomenal and stunning.

swipped from franchesca.

23 May 2011


just a little random drawing on a sunday evening.  what are you guys making these days?

19 May 2011

svpply love

a random, little snap shot of my svpply stuff (aka ultimate wantlist).  some how these just fit so nicely together.

17 May 2011

(my) studio space

having a place to go to and create is like the most phenomenal thing ever.  i'd like to thank the boy for helping me build my dream drawing desk in my dream studio.  and for letting me be weird encouraging me to be creative.

what's your favorite space to make stuff in?

you are an artist because you create (it's true!)

rock your benevolent-minded, creative mojo and donate art for a great cause! small works for change (genius) is a community-based organization accepting little works of art from ANYONE to sell for $25 each.  all proceeds will go to a charity of your choice, score!

submissions must be 8x10 and two-dimensional and need to be dropped off or mailed in by May 21st. those are the only rules folks!!

i'm gonna whip up something cute tonight, then shove it into the helpful hands of the USPS before it's too late.

swiped from for me, for you.

16 May 2011

Mural Love // Supakitch and Koralie

i adore this mural and even more so getting to watch it being created.  kind of makes you want to pull out a sharpie and attack your newly painted walls huh?  by French artists Supakitch and Koralie.

swiped from honestly...WTF.

14 May 2011

skip across the pond

who wants to go do some of this this and a lot of this with me next month?

13 May 2011

david dimichele

i love these giant photographs of small scale dioramas by david dimichele.  they're lit so perfectly and look so atmospheric and heavy.  like a weird dream you might wake up from and go "...ehh, what the f..?"
swiped from i need a guide.

08 May 2011

i love my mom

happy mother's day momma!  we love and miss you!

love, your kid and your grandcat

06 May 2011

the freshest

be still my heart...seriously, when this image finally loaded only my screen in all it's glory, i think my heart actually stopped. those...shoes...are PHENOM.

back in the day, about two and a half years ago, i had a mild addiction to sneakers.  a medium addiction.  luckily i had a few credit cards, so said shoes were eventually delivered to my door, 3-7 days later.  sadly, my excitement usually came in the form of finding/displaying fresh pairs, whilst rarely actually wearing them.  i don't know if it was the 25-year old me lacking confidence or the fact that i was afraid to get them dirty or what.  but i didn't do any of my pairs justice and eventually i sold them all to a resale shop (yesterday).

anyway, i can feel an intense desire to begin to pay tribute to sweet sneakers once owned, by starting up a new kicks collection with these all day i dream about soccer pair. and since i no longer care what people think about me you might actually see these pieces of art (yes, i said art) on my smartwool covered feet.

kicks swiped from urbansophistcate ::: via franchesca