31 October 2013

A Trip Down Halloween's Past

Just taking a little trip down memory lane for #tbt + Halloween! My favorite part about Halloween is creating a costume that is SO homemade but so on point and then taking it way. too. far.  If you've ever seen me in any costume, you know I STAY in character all day + night, possibly to the point of annoyance. This year I dressed up as a black kitty and yes, I was seen chasing my own tail/giving salty looks/being awesome/demanding catnip.  Cheers to a holiday that gets better as you get older!

Mario + Luigi hit the streets of Chicago and act a damn fool and draw on their faces with permanent marker! (2007)

 UPS Delivery DREAM TEAM! Opps, my scanner is on. (2008)

 Masters of the Universe + of everything else. (2009)

Anatomically Incorrect Skeletons. (2010)

The Indigenous Cave Peoples of Northeast Ohio. (2011)

Invisible. (2012)

A Black Cat from Hell, apparently. (2013)

Yep, already thinking about next year.  I have a pretty solid idea that I've been wanting to do for a while now...  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, kids!

29 October 2013

On that IG : Wanderlust

Saying something like "I LOOOVE Instagram!" is stalker language for "I'm a little lot obsessed with secretly creeping around the lives of total strangers + I spend too much time doing it."
sianricho : Hokiang Harbour, NZ

But dang it, I LOVE Instagram. Scrolling though my feed isn't the most productive part of my day, but you better believe it gets done on the daily.

I get that many/most/all images have been set up, styled + aren't actually candid or in the moment, including some of my own. People spend a lot of time on IG and for good reason : fame + fortune + Rihanna + procrastination!

Plus, throwing a filter over that otherwise mundane pic of your din has to be the easiest way to show how freaking rad your life is - Do you see the way the light hits the chicken? So good! #nomnom.

maraserene : somewhere in the Redwood forest / thethriftstorecowboy : Horseshoe Springs, UT

As narcissistic + inconsequential as IG can be it's also pretty inspirational.  And getting to see the world through others' eyes makes me so overwhelmingly wanderlust-y, that I'll hop on AirBnB while simultaneously pricing out flights for my next imaginary vaca. It's fun + someday I'll pull the trigger and book that swanky flat in Cape Town. Either way, I love the accessibility of sharing images + how excited it makes me to see the world.

Who are your favorites on that IG?

01 October 2013


I'm so excited for the FW13 + Holiday show line up that O T L will get to be a part of:

* Friday 10/11 : Tremont ArtWalk - Banyan Tree - 6 to 9pm, 2242 Professor Ave, Cleveland Ohio

* Saturday 10/12 : OktoberFlea - Sterle's - 9 to 4pm, 1401 W. 55th, Cleveland Ohio

* Sunday 10/20 : Sunday Market in Hingetown - 10 to 3pm - 1455 W. 29th, Cleveland Ohio
(RSVP to the event on FB!)

* 11/16 : Handmade Toledo Maker's Mart - Downtown Toledo OH

* 11/23 : Crafty Supermarket - Music Hall Ballroom - 11 to 6pm - 1241 Elm St, Cincinnati Ohio

* 12/14 + 12/15 : Cleveland Bazaar (formerly known as Bizarre Bazaar Cleveland!) - 78th Street Studios - 10 to 6pm - 1300 W. 78th Street, Cleveland Ohio

* 12/21 : Last Minute Market at Screw Factory - Cleveland Ohio

The shows in Cinci and Toledo mean a few short road trips ahead :)  I am proud of myself and so thankful for everyone's support. Running this little biznass is difficult, fun and scary as hell.  But, I think that's what it feels like to be doing what you love + getting to go where it takes you.