25 January 2011

cute tee

i like this tee a lot.  colors are sweet and the shapes is bangin.  ooh and if it were a slouchy, loose tank it would be mine by now.  kinda thinking about buying, doing a little diy cutting and maybe using the scraps to make a necklace, headband, bracelet...?

pendelton tee at lazy oaf.  swiped from modish.

19 January 2011

proud mary

i'll take this cute little clutch by proud mary...can you see the enlarged, geometric feather print?  crave it.  crave the rest of that outfit too.

i love proud mary's belief that "design that solves problems."  i can totally agree with that mantra, as it has been one of the main driving forces behind my desire to create.  check out their story here.

13 January 2011

making the desk job bearable

screw stickers.  ok i love stickers, but i can get down with some post its (only children are easily amused.) they are the most handy little things, perfect for notes-to-self and flip books.  and now in cute-ass shapes:

top image/ geometry post its by p&c. swiped from swissmiss
bottom image/ ie-tags (house) post its by naruse-inokama architects.  swiped from core77

10 January 2011

flock together

i'm a big fan of feathers and other bird things.  i enjoy little birdies because they can fly, come in so many different colors, can spot a meal from the sky, make beautiful noise and (mostly) because they are descendants of the dinosaurs.  and have you ever held a baby chick?  it's freaking awesome.  this post (you'll have to scroll down about 1/2 way) even has me thinking i'd like to have a little family of hens in my backyard...

BUT, certain city ordinances (and boyfriends) prevent me from living the urban farmer's dream, for the time being.  and probably for good reason.  so until i become a vigilante farmer, the lovelies below (all from talented etsy kids) will have to tide me over. 

1/ indoor garden by miles of light
3/ wimbledon necklace by miju and you
5/ feather throw pillow by elkhorn design
7/ stunning feather earrings by still tree jewellery
8/ medium feather necklace by supernova designs
9/ feather print headdress tee by pretty raccoon's shop
10/ feather leather head band by thief and bandit
11/ black and white chicken print by united threads

06 January 2011

nails did

crave this nail job.  so pretty and girly.  you know, i should do my nails more.  despite the fact that it's annoyingly time consuming and i usually ruin them doing some sort of craft, it's nice to look down and see something sparklely every now and then.  plus, the time spent waiting for them to dry would be a great excuse to pick up a book or magazine and relax.  

swiped from pintrest.  not quite sure how that site works yet, so the link just goes to their main page. i think.

what day is it today?

with so much on my plate, my organizational skills need some inspiration.  or a kick in the butt.  perhaps i need... a cute calendar to get the ball rolling...

swiped from Pawling print studio's blog.  get yours here!

03 January 2011

a love letter for you...

big, bright "i love you" signs all over the city would have me smiling during the worst traffic and weather.  awesome graphics by a love letter for you.  warm your heart and check more out here!  side note: that little guy with the missing teeth is so darn funny looking and adorable.

02 January 2011

tee shirts are the best

some of my favorites tees found on on etsy.

1/ fly away tee by snowcone collective
2/ llamas tee by maryink's shop
3/ cutting edge tee by xenotees
4/ tiger on a bike by dark cycle clothing
5/ parachuting squirrels by miss nopales art shop
6/ festival tee by lamarquisedesanges

01 January 2011

afro flowers

soo pretty.  dang, i love flowers.  this is how i'm going to envision my afro from now on.

black pearl portrait by sunny gu/swiped from oh joy!