30 December 2011

Hello Twenty-Twelve

2011 did me so right and I cannot wait to continue the positivity I've felt in my life for the past year into the new one.  Here's to dreaming big, showing gratitude (for everything) and going after what you want!  Happy NY!

29 December 2011


I'm feeling super inspired by moving graphics (aka movies) lately. The films shot below are just so lovely and paired with fantastic soundtracks.  I got goosebumps watching them.


(Thanks for passing this along, Stephan!)

28 December 2011

The Black Keys

Just a little reminder to dance like nobody's watching (often).  It feels so gooood.

via emerald son.

27 December 2011

otl Spring 2012

Thinking about inspirations for Spring...

23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

I can proudly say that I had my 1st (ever) holiday rush this season.  Last night I spent the better half of 9 hours after work beading and sawing and wire wrapping my fingers to the bone in order to get out some last-minute necklaces and earrings.  It was awesome and exhilarating and super stressful.  But, I got everything made and wrapped up and ready to give.  Phew!  Plus, I learned few things along the way:

1// Get a calendar.  In every room. Or take a look at that glorified phone you have and note the date.  It isn't helpful to your psyche to think that Christmas is on Saturday, when it really is on Sunday.
2// Organize your creative space (today).  Having a studio that is sometimes messy is sort of a given, but heart palpitations resulting from panic (WHERE ARE MY NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?!) can be avoided if you take 10 minutes to put stuff away every night.
3// Good music = productivity.  Up to a point.  Make your space the the most creativity stimulating space you can.  Then if it's not working for you, change it up.  Turn off the music, stretch or do some push ups.  A short ice cream break or a change of scenery can give you the the extra energy to make it to 4am without gluing your fingers together.
4// Plan ahead.  Get the word out early that you're open for business!  Check shipping dates from the USPS/FedEx/UPS so you  know when your cut off dates are.
5// Surround yourself with positive and honest people.  They give the best feedback on your products, new awesome ideas that you may be too busy to think of and the kind of genuine excitement that can erase all traces of uncertainty in your stuff.
6// Live up to the promises you make.  If I said I'd have 10 necklaces done for you tomorrow, you better believe I'll live up to that.  Next time, however, I'll make sure to give myself enough time to get the job done without all the stress.
7// Breathe and remember to take time off.  Sometimes getting away from your obsession for a few days helps invigorate you for a new season of phenomenal goodies (onthelookout Spring 2012, here I come!)  I've seen a lot of my favorite shops "closing their doors" for the holiday ahead to spend time with family and relax.  What a great way to end the year and ring in the new one.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday!

21 December 2011

The Selby: Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley

Whenever I'm feeling the like the decor, layout and general feng shui-ness of our house just isn't up to par, I jaunt on over to The Selby to reaffirm that, then provide enough beautiful inspiration to forget it.

The playful studio of Jeff Halmos and Sam Shipley (the guys behind Shipley & Halmos) is speaking very loudly and excitedly to my inner child.  There's so much open, airy, bright space in that loft!

(Love the tree, painted brick wall, geometric duvet and that essential-info-only calendar)

See the rest of their fun place here.

19 December 2011

Brianna Fano Spring 2012 Collection

[Phenomenal pieces of beautiful, geometric jewelry...]

 (It looks like the rope-as-jewelry trend is sticking around, AWESOME.)

Loving these tiny little hinges, an idea for jewelry I would have never thought of!)

Images and designs by Brianna Fano.

16 December 2011

Phenom Fridays // Textiles + Funky Prints Collection

[From quilts, to towels, to shirts and skirts, a piece of fabric with a healthy does of color and a rhythmic print can do no wrong.]

1. I had a dream last night that I broke out my bitty sewing machine and made some leg warmers.  Let's just throw this simple skirt (with an AMAZING fabric) on the to-make list (!!!)
2. Knitted/patterned/color combo PERFECTION, by Donna Wilson.
3. I had to limit myself to only picking four items to feature here, lest, I recreate the entire HAY website on this blog.
4. Hand embroidered CMYK lettering by Evelin Kaskov.  And there goes yet another fun to-make to add to the list (!!!)
5. Neon, geometric, patterned and practical: The Happy Neon Store Tote 5 by LAUKaccessories.
6. Bags and clutches with a punches of colorful prints by Missibaba.

Happy Friday!

15 December 2011

Leg Warmers from Metroplastique

Cutie, Japanese-style leg warmers, will you be mine?  I'm without proper footwear this winter (so far) and although it has yet to snow, the fluffy downpour is imminent.  Bisoone Leg Warmers on the awesomeness that is Koralie.  Get them here.

09 December 2011

No Words, Just Photos

[Working on being quiet and practicing photography...]

08 December 2011

Dream Space: White Kitchen

We have an awesome, custom built and designed (by us) kitchen, but this renovation has me

... expansive and airy, crisp white walls.
... butcher block counterspace flanking BOTH sides of that awesome stove.
... AQUA, subway-tile back splash.
.. a wall full of windows.  
... sub-window storage space display area?  Genius.

What a beaut!  See the full kitchen renovation before and after here.

07 December 2011

onthelookout for: Red, orange and yellow

Hi Sun, light of my life... Where have you been?

I'm not complaining (OK, maybe a little), but it is SO gloomy and dark around these parts.  I usually love muted tones like grey and dark blue, but this is probably due to the fact that they contrast so nicely with warm, sunny yellows, juicy oranges and sultry reds.  Hence, the insatiable desire for some bright pops of warmth as seen above...

1. HA. Cute, funny, COMFY and sexy, a winning combination.
2. My favorite Nike sneakers (court forces) with a pop of red.
3. W.O.M bag.  Never mind that it costs major $$ and I can't find it anywhere.  I WANT!
4. Warm tones from a super cute animal print.
5. onthelookout Tri Necklace 001, with the most orangey-red, bright beads ever.
6. Feathers, feathers, feathers...
7. Hand-knitted socks scream LUX and FUN.
8. Hand-dyed hair ties, so girly and pretty.
9. Sunny, little bowls.
10. Cutie, winter hat for the impending 6-month long, Ohio blizzard season.

02 December 2011

Happy Weekend

These photos by Angela Hardison are brillz.  And now I have a craving to go hot air ballooning and photag'ing like no other.  They just evoke a feeling of happiness and hope and play that I will definitely carry into a sure-to-be-fabulous weekend; I hope you do as well!  (And be sure to check out her beautiful blog too.)

29 November 2011

Biznass - Packaging

Now that I've got a nice assortment of goodies AVAILABLE FOR SALE in the shop, I'm turning my focus back to better branding and something most important: the packaging.  I'm a sucker for unique, fun, reusable packaging stuffs, so I'm excited to pull together all of the resources I already have (random stacks of card stock, newsprint, pretty ribbon and string) and mix with some much needed branding accessories (rubber stamps with logo, stickers for packing and little cards for securing earrings, bracelets and necklaces).

I've compiled some my favorite hang tags and wrapping ideas below and if you're looking to create unique packaging for your own creative business, this handy article by Rena Tom is on the money.

image via A Merry Mishap.

Glasine bags, stickers, twist ties, string and other pretty packaging items from Pretty Tape.

the cutest little bags from Deer in a Bottle and via The New Domestic.

no frills, cute/pretty packaging DIY using the most basic of household stuff.

20 November 2011

onthelookout Winter Collection 2011

[...or an excuse to be the star of your own lookbook.]

This is just a teaser, more pictures and new necklaces/earrings/bracelets coming soon!

18 November 2011

Phenom Fridays

[I'm really feeling things that are soft, light and cozy right now, like the way you feel when you wake up from the best night of sleep on a crisp, luminous Fall morning; Where the world is at your finger tips, cuddled up in fluffy linens that you don't yet want to abandon, but giddy with excitement for the day ahead. (Can you tell I didn't want to get out of bed this morning?) So, we'll go with that...]

image via BellJar.

All items via my etsy faves, svpply and pinterest.

16 November 2011

White Walls?

[interior space crisis...]

This fireplace is perfection.

 above images via A Merry Mishap.

 above images via the DwellStudio Blog.

 image from fellow fellow.

images via design*sponge.

swiped from oh joy! -- image by unison home.

For someone who demanded that they be the final judge in wall colors for our new house, I'm awfully surprised that I'm even thinking what I'm thinking right now...

I kind of hate dislike our walls.  They were colorfully painted less than two years ago, all of them laboriously scrapped, mudded, primed and painted by Z and I am already sick of them.  I think it's the failed attempts at daily photography (all I want is a SIMPLE backdrop, people!) or the abundance of grey cloud coverage in Ohio.  Or maybe it's the fab interior inspiration I've been seeing everywhere.  But, I love how light, airy, bright and new a space with white walls looks.  And it seems as though colorful decor, prints and dark wooden floors then become more of the spotlight, no?  Either way, white walls seem to be calling and I have a bedroom that I'm allowed to re-decorate soon, so I might take the jump with that.  What do you think?  Or maybe something a bit less drastic, like a super-pale, mint-grey hue?    I'm going to go ahead and say if you're going to make anything white, it might as well be the walls.  The thought of having to (successfully) clean white furniture will forever give me the creeps...