11 July 2012

Art in the Parc // Preview of the Goods

[Craft fair madness has fully taken over my apt, life, waking and dreaming thoughts...]

I'm so pumped to participate in Art in the Parc in just NINE days, so I thought I'd share some of the Summer/Fall 2012 collection that I've been working on in order to woo you into checking out the shop --which is on SUPER SALE-- or coming to visit me at the event!

Don't ask me why, but for some reason I was highly inspired by this native/warrior/jungle theme.  This 2nd collection is a bit edgier and more experimental in use of materials (ie. ombre thread and semi-precious, gemstones) and color (saturated blues, greens and even red!).  Still rocking lots of beads and brass, but it's kind of nice to see some evolution in what you do.  Change is good, eh?  Yep yep, I do believe it is.

I'm not sure if having just one show under my belt will be some sort of game changer for this hobby-turned-to-obsession ... that's trying to become a business.  But, it certainly feels like the wheels are finally picking up some speed!

All images taken with my iphone on Instagram (on_the_lookout)! 

06 July 2012

Sneakers + Dresses

[My ultimate, summer uni for this hothothot-assed, glorious, Ohio weather.]

via (1)(2) via onthelookout on pinterest; (3) anarchy street blog; (4)(5) Sincerely Jules.