02 September 2011

Friday 5 (x2)

The weekend creeps in, bit by bit, closer and closer...

The draw of a hot, long, end-of-summer weekend has got me staring out the window and at the clock, whincing at every minute that laboriously passes. It's early afternoon on the Friday before Labor Day weekend and ohmygod, does it feel wrong to still be inside. I've got to get OUT OF HERE! But of course, I can't just yet.  There is money to be made, mouths to be fed, pretty things to be purchased and bosses to be satiated.  So, if I gotta be at my computer, I might as well spend a quick minute on a fun, little post for you all: The five+ coolest etsy things I've seen this week.

Also, this is in an attempt to try not to check my watch/phone/computer clock every 30 seconds for the next few hours.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

1// Bear friends? Teepee tents?  Camping under the stars?  So magical.
2// How about a lovely rock to go around your lovely neck?
3// Cats are the shit and we all know this.  Even if they are trying to murder us.  Cat haters, stop complaining that cats are weird.  Animals in general, kind of weird.  As are you and I, such is life.
4// I'd love to be totting this white little number after Labor day.
5// Itty, bitty, concrete lego blocks, perfect for the eternal child/nerd.  I want!
6// Dinosaur vs. Robot fight?  I'd pay to see that.  Just saying.  But in the meantime I'll take that comfy tee.
7// Pretty, paper rhinos.  This may also end up in a "decor for the home" post in the near future.
8// Gotta love a good super hero/villain on a bike painting.
9// Loving the braided and hinged leather bracelets from dullDiamond.
10// Where bold graphics and clothing collide.  I dream of wearing such things and getting away with it.

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