23 September 2011

Friday Five (Short & Sweet)

1/ Beautifully quirky illustrations by the brotherly duo, Tom & James.  I'm going gaga over the fantastic imagery, colors, etc.  Very Basquiat, if you ask me.  via all of the mountains.
2/ The sun might be gone until next June, but I cannot get these frames off my mind! Here's to riding around for the next nine months wearing unnecessary shades.  Don't hate.
3/ Layer it on and mix and match with this awesome and fun set of necklaces.
4/ Cool jewelry by Seb Brown.  That ring needs to be mine. via the carrotbox.
5/ After our 10-day backpacking rip in the Canadian Rockies, being a hermit, high up in the mountains, surrounded by the wind and the trees and the bears and the rocks seems like the best way to escape the doldrums of "normal" city life.  Let's move to the mountains?  I'm right behind you.

Happy Friday! I'll be working my jewelry-making fingers to the bone all weekend (yay).  See you on Monday with a little onthelookout shop preview/update/sneak peak of the newest goodness.  

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