09 September 2011

Friday Five

{Friday Five: A sometimes random, sometimes planned assortment of the five coolest things of the moment.}

1// Hand dyed and hand screen printed bandannas.  So pretty and practical to have.  Use them to hold your hair back, wipe a sweaty brow, blow your nose...AND they're eco friendly.  I'm favoriting these for a future purchase!
2// Damn.  Don't you just love a man in pink?  A certain boyfriend may be getting something like this for an upcoming 31-st birthday.
3// Panther scarf?! You know I love me some cats, especially of the black variety.  I think they're good luck and I'm biased.
4// Can I please get this in my house.  It is so pretty.
5// The Makers is a site devoted to those who Make (painfully obvious, I know).  I love taking a peek into peoples lives, seeing how they do the things they do, what inspires them and just the whole handmade process in general. Very inspiring.

That's it folks!  This weekend I'll be riding my bike, drawing and beading, heading to a few festivals and enjoying the last few days of summer...Have a great fridaysaturdaysunday and see you next week!

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