30 August 2011

Back to Cool (School)

(Documentation of My First Day)

Yes, it is that lovely time of year: Fall semester.  Summer weather begins to fade, noticed only by a light chill in the air; quite streets and parks from the hours of 7am to 3pm; and the rerouted commute, forced by sluggish, yellow buses and intermittent school zones, lest I desire to spend more time in behind the wheel...

This semester, I consider myself one of the lucky ones: A freaking STUDENT!  Not just one class this Fall, but 3 full art courses are mine for the next few months.  Oh, the learning!  This afternoon, I got started with one, printmaking.  Lino prints, etching, screen printing --fist pump-- are on the docket for the course.  My classmates and I got a lovely tour of the printmaking and woodworking studios, to use as we wish, as well as lengthy, but entertaining anecdotes on the dangers of the materials we'll be using and an almost full reenactment of how to use an eye wash and what may happen if you distractedly attempt to cut something with a guillotine-style paper cutter.  And, somehow, along the way, I ended up as the secretary of print club.  Total nerd, I am, I am.

Home now, with a bowl of cereal for dinner and avoidance of homework at all costs (ie. blogging).  College, I have missed you.

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