23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

I can proudly say that I had my 1st (ever) holiday rush this season.  Last night I spent the better half of 9 hours after work beading and sawing and wire wrapping my fingers to the bone in order to get out some last-minute necklaces and earrings.  It was awesome and exhilarating and super stressful.  But, I got everything made and wrapped up and ready to give.  Phew!  Plus, I learned few things along the way:

1// Get a calendar.  In every room. Or take a look at that glorified phone you have and note the date.  It isn't helpful to your psyche to think that Christmas is on Saturday, when it really is on Sunday.
2// Organize your creative space (today).  Having a studio that is sometimes messy is sort of a given, but heart palpitations resulting from panic (WHERE ARE MY NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?!) can be avoided if you take 10 minutes to put stuff away every night.
3// Good music = productivity.  Up to a point.  Make your space the the most creativity stimulating space you can.  Then if it's not working for you, change it up.  Turn off the music, stretch or do some push ups.  A short ice cream break or a change of scenery can give you the the extra energy to make it to 4am without gluing your fingers together.
4// Plan ahead.  Get the word out early that you're open for business!  Check shipping dates from the USPS/FedEx/UPS so you  know when your cut off dates are.
5// Surround yourself with positive and honest people.  They give the best feedback on your products, new awesome ideas that you may be too busy to think of and the kind of genuine excitement that can erase all traces of uncertainty in your stuff.
6// Live up to the promises you make.  If I said I'd have 10 necklaces done for you tomorrow, you better believe I'll live up to that.  Next time, however, I'll make sure to give myself enough time to get the job done without all the stress.
7// Breathe and remember to take time off.  Sometimes getting away from your obsession for a few days helps invigorate you for a new season of phenomenal goodies (onthelookout Spring 2012, here I come!)  I've seen a lot of my favorite shops "closing their doors" for the holiday ahead to spend time with family and relax.  What a great way to end the year and ring in the new one.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday!

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