16 December 2011

Phenom Fridays // Textiles + Funky Prints Collection

[From quilts, to towels, to shirts and skirts, a piece of fabric with a healthy does of color and a rhythmic print can do no wrong.]

1. I had a dream last night that I broke out my bitty sewing machine and made some leg warmers.  Let's just throw this simple skirt (with an AMAZING fabric) on the to-make list (!!!)
2. Knitted/patterned/color combo PERFECTION, by Donna Wilson.
3. I had to limit myself to only picking four items to feature here, lest, I recreate the entire HAY website on this blog.
4. Hand embroidered CMYK lettering by Evelin Kaskov.  And there goes yet another fun to-make to add to the list (!!!)
5. Neon, geometric, patterned and practical: The Happy Neon Store Tote 5 by LAUKaccessories.
6. Bags and clutches with a punches of colorful prints by Missibaba.

Happy Friday!

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