07 December 2011

onthelookout for: Red, orange and yellow

Hi Sun, light of my life... Where have you been?

I'm not complaining (OK, maybe a little), but it is SO gloomy and dark around these parts.  I usually love muted tones like grey and dark blue, but this is probably due to the fact that they contrast so nicely with warm, sunny yellows, juicy oranges and sultry reds.  Hence, the insatiable desire for some bright pops of warmth as seen above...

1. HA. Cute, funny, COMFY and sexy, a winning combination.
2. My favorite Nike sneakers (court forces) with a pop of red.
3. W.O.M bag.  Never mind that it costs major $$ and I can't find it anywhere.  I WANT!
4. Warm tones from a super cute animal print.
5. onthelookout Tri Necklace 001, with the most orangey-red, bright beads ever.
6. Feathers, feathers, feathers...
7. Hand-knitted socks scream LUX and FUN.
8. Hand-dyed hair ties, so girly and pretty.
9. Sunny, little bowls.
10. Cutie, winter hat for the impending 6-month long, Ohio blizzard season.

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