30 January 2013

OTL Featured on Uncovet!

What an exciting Wednesday it's been :) My feature on Uncovet.com just went live!  Eeeeeeeee! Kind of awesome, right? Uncovet is a rad, little, online shop that features small-run and one of a kind, handmade pieces from all sorts of designers and up-and-coming makers.  Oh hay, bonus: All items are discounted too, 10-15% off!  Check out OTL Jewelry on Uncovet!

This is such a big step for On The Lookout! I am still a little in shock that the intense desire to start a creative business + an out of control bead obsession have even gotten me to this point!  There is still so much more that I want to learn and do and make and see, but this feeling of tangible success feels DAMN GOOD :)  #craveit

On the Lookout Jewelry on Uncovet.com!

For this feature there will be five pieces from the most recent collection on Uncovet:

(Yay) So, I'm going to make a big effort to not freakout/over think/get anxious... And instead enjoy this moment,  smile + give myself a little pat on the back. And then get. back. to work ;)

Hope it's a great hump day for you too, friends!

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