12 February 2013

Moodboard Monday / OTL SS13 Collection

After a much needed break from all things jewelry after the holidays, I've finally gotten back into the obsession that is running this small business. Since the creative process can tend to be a clusterf*ck of ideas that never (ever) stop, I've decided to keep trying mood-boarding as a way to get myself focused around inspiration for the next collection. I went into this process with a clear mind and as usual, a strong theme emerged pretty quickly.  So, I went with it, finding more and more inspiration that just rocked my world.

And, thus, RENEGADE PRINCESS was born.

Renegade Princess : OTL SS 13 Inspiration via OTL Blog
(All images via Pinterest)

I'm so excited to use this moodboard to help direct the creative process this season.  The renegade princess doesn't actually exist -- she is a muse. But if she did, she'd be a few parts badassed mofo, diva, smart as a whip and would definitely march to the beat of her own drum --while looking being pretty damn fabulous, sexy and strong at the same time.  She has a penchant for light mischief (read: adventure) and the kind of ballsy attitude that is never too cocky and always admired.  Basically, she can handle her biznass and doesn't give a f*ck.  And she's part cat? YES.

Am I being weird enough yet?  Cool, onward.

For ON THE LOOKOUT SS13, you can expect a lot more edgy and a lot less safe with an "I don't take crap from nobody" attitude baked into every piece. I'm going to make it a point to do my thing and create unique pieces that I LOVE and hopefully you will too.  At this point you should be asking yourself, "When will this rebel-without-a-cause collection hit the streets?" Well, I expect to restock the shop around the beginning of April, so if you want a heads up, GET ON THA LIST.

That gives me about 30 days to blow your mind....

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(Side note: If you happen to be in the midst of creating a themed event, decorating a space, branding yourself, starting a business or blog, I think creating a moodboard is essential.  It's really fun and you get to see a mash up of your vision all in one place.  It's like a little road map of what you want to create.  Interested in making one? This is how I do it.) 

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