24 January 2013

I N - T H I S - M O M E N T / 01

I am...

in this moment 01 | by OTL blog

Thinking about : My future +  how I am tying to do it all right now + "the art of failure." What, if anything, do I need to let go of in order to REALLY have time and mental space for the things that have me grinning ear to ear?  I've been feeling a little in over my head lately, with a hand in everything.  And while I love the challenge of being drawn to do + accomplish so many things, I've lost sight of where I actually want to go.  I think it may be time to slow down and reconnect with that.  Similar thoughts seen around the web here + here.

Wanting : To revamp the decore in my bedroom.  So. much. inspiration.  Not enough time/money/knowledge... not like that won't stop me from trying!  First task: paint the muddy, cream-colored walls WHITE.

Cooking/Eating : I made this baked polenta with tomato + basil recipe last night and it was SO damn GOOD.  And super easy to boot!  I still have the appetite of a teenage boy, but my nearly 30-year old digestive tract CANNOT HANDLE the crap I've been eating. So, here's to learning to cook + fueling this body the right way.

Obsessed with : Block Shop Scarves + the design process behind the brand, as well as the process of actually producing these beautiful accessories.  Evetthing in the shop sold out in record time -- I can't wait to see what this sisterly duo comes up with next!

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