28 January 2013

Moodboard Monday / In the Bedroom

I've been talking (to anyone who will listen) about wanting to really decorate my place, so I thought it would be fun to throw up some quick moodboards about that, in lieu of actually doing it... I'm a busy girl, you see.  First off: The Bedroom.  Because some of THE MOST important stuff goes down in here -wink- and I think what you wake up to could seriously make or break your morning day/night/week.  A bit over dramatic? Yes, yes I is.

Anyway, here's a mash up of decore, storage and comfort pieces I'd like to see in my bedroom:

In the Bedroom Moodboard | by OTL blog

For me a bedroom calls for a quiet, uncluttered space, with a muted colors + soft textures + scattered pops of color for some energizing fun.  I pulled together this mood board to help dictate the feel of my bedroom revamp and I think it will really be helpful when I have the time to actually make it happen :) Anyone else redecorating out there?  If so, how do you organize your ideas in an effort to create the outcome you want?

Oh and have a great Monday everyone!

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