01 August 2011

Friday Five

{Friday Five: A sometimes random, sometimes planned assortment of the five most inspiring things of the moment.  I hope I can stick with just picking five...here we go:}

1// Haha yes.  Is it a horse?  Is it a bike?  NAAY, it is a horse-bike.  And  galloping through the city streets on this noble steed would be hilarious.  Horsey, by Eungi Kim, is part of the Seoul Cycle Design Competition.
Via the infinite pattern.

2// WHAT?  It's possible to have one of these IN YOUR LIVING ROOM?  ...Do you ever find yourself scheming on ways to make ridiculous amounts of money so you can do extravagant things like putting a swimming pool in your house?  I do.  Thankfully, that is short lived.  I mean if I had to look at this thing and swim it in and invite friends over and have sweet parties and have my amazing house featured in magazines, I'd probably get bored with it soon...

...So let's just put a little, old pool in the backyard, where they're supposed to be, k?

3// Triangles, repetition and a perfect color combination.  This is the best card you'll never ever give.  By Jewiseha.

4//  This striking light fixture is a DIY made with paper scraps.  *Add to to-do list NOW.*  Via Design Sponge.

 5//  Cornmeal, blueberry muffins.  DELICIOUS (the photos too.)  Go here, get the recipie, make them muffins and mail me one NOW.

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