10 July 2011

28 is the new 28 (belated bday post to myself...)

I wrote this on my birthday and never posted it.  Talk about adult-onset ADD.  Anyhoo, I don't see the harm in throwing it up here now, do you?

May 30, 2011:

Happy birthday to me and Memorial Day to you kids out there!  I hope the weather was phenom wherever you were, as it certainly was here.

My day was perfect: A (first) 30-mile bike ride, bbq, volleyball and pool time, Harry Potter movie/nap, dinner and bday brownies made by the boy.  SO fun.  Isn't weird how you "care" less and less about your own birthday as you get older?  I am normally one of those "It's my birthday WEEK/MONTH/YEAR" type of people (only child for sure), but this time all i wanted to do was relax, be outside, laugh and eat good food with friends.  Simple pleasures.

Along the lines of getting older, wiser and a tiny bit more mature,  I've also begun to set short and long-term goals and an action plan to help me reach my best life and best self.  It will be interesting to look back at this date a year from now and see what got done.

One year goals (age, 29)
1/ I create new product consistently for onthelookout, blog at least every other day and am selling jewelry and accessories at 3 local shops and do my first craft show for the spring season.
2/ I bike 150+ miles for MS on August 14th, 2011. (dunzo! and it was AWESOME.)
3/ I run my 2nd 10k in under 50 minutes on October 9th, 2011.
4/ I save $2,000 for a snowboarding trip to Big Sky, MT this winter and buy myself a GNU Snowboard...dream big, right?

Inspire me!  I want to hear some of your goals too!

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