26 August 2011

Friday Five

{Friday Five: A sometimes random, sometimes planned assortment of the five most inspiring things of the moment.}

1// Avocado smoothie.  Sounds sort of weird and delicious at the same time.  And that beautiful, frothy green color is tempting me so.
2// Another DIY to add to the list!  Chandelier made with a wire basket, ribbon and wax paper, by Brenna.  The man and I need something like this to class up our dining room...
3//  Illustrator Spencer Nugent always gets me inspired to practice my drawing and drafting with these awesome little, daily sketches.  Get your draw on at IDSketching.com for drawing tutorialsPhotoshop videos, materials guides and so much cool rendering you'll want to barf.
4// Fabulous set of rings (and ring design inspiration).  Makes me want to get my nails did and load up my hands with precious metals.
5// I could definitely live here, no problem.  Drool-worthy colors and architecture by Portuguese designer/architect Pedro Gadanho.  More pictures here.

Happy Friday!

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