18 August 2011

Logo Fun

If you've been reading, as I know millions of you have, you may have noticed the layout and design of this blog changes weekly.  Here's a tiny slice of that that creative, indecisive madness looks like.  Trying to come up with a compelling color scheme, logo, look and over-arching feel for a brand is HARD.

"Big triangles or little triangles?  Mini ones?  How about enormous?  Ok, I love the gigantic ones.  Oh, those won't fit with that font I've painstakingly picked out?  Ok...what about mini triangles?  I could get down with those.  Mini's it is!!  Although, you can't really see any of the detail in those and I want a lot of color.  So those might be out, unless I switch up the font and maybe do a square business card instead of the standard rectangle...." and on and on and on it goes.

My brain might be fried by the end of this session, but I will have a logo dammit!  Is this always how the creative process works?

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