27 March 2013

Good Together / Leafy + Green

*sigh* I am not going anywhere for spring break. I'm watching a dog whose people are enjoying two weeks of Pacific Ocean bliss in the Galapagos Islands. *envy*

Ohio, I love you, but even I'm getting pale at this point. And cranky. I'm no doctor, but I think it's safe to say 4.69 out of 5 of my friends are experiencing some sort of serious SAD symptoms. The cold, grey weather is getting mighty old and I've got the tropics on my mind, dammit! In lieu of self-imposed exile to the Bahamas or year-long sabbatical to Costa Rica (both of which I keep unrealistically threatening to do) here's a little dose of that lovely, lush, jungle green!

good together : leafy + green via OTL blog

How about some "neat" facts about green? Sure sure sure, here you go:

- green is the 2nd most favorite color, coming in after blue.
- green is a soothing color that alleviates anxiety and depression and offers a sense of renewal and harmony.
- Libya's flag is solid green and currently the only national flag of a single color.
- green is the single color used in night vision goggles because the human eye able to discern the most shades of it versus any other color. (green facts found here.)

Interesting... So, you learned a few things.  Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon :)


  1. Green is indeed my favorite color even though I don't wear it very often. I'm not usually one to complain about the weather but I with you girl! Come on sun!

    1. so funny, green is my favorite color too! a remnant of my tomboy years, i think. i try not to complain about such things, but i totally do, a lot haha. good luck with the move, btw!