21 March 2013

I N - T H I S - M O M E N T / 02

I am...

In This Moment via OTL Blog

inspired by these beaded West African (Bemileke) Elephant Masks.  I snapped a picture of this one last week when I was at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  The beautiful beadwork got me.  It's so damn intricate! Just imagine how much thought and effort goes into all of thoes details...  I always wonder WHY?  What the hell did someone do all that for?  Don't you love how art invites you to be curious and ask questions and learn more?  It is such a powerful vehicle for communication and thought.  Plus, it's usually super weird and that's always fun.

taking a hand lettering class through Skillshare.com. Have you guys ever tried an online class like this?  It was only $20 dollars, so not much of an investment and definitely worth it if I can learn a thing or two about creating more illustrative text.  "Live well and rebel" is the phrase I'm working with and I'll report back when it's over!

looking forward to... like everyone else... SPRINGTIME.  And sunshine!  And bike adventures! Did you hear that weather? It's Spring.  So, man up and act like it.

preparing for a shop update in the next few weeks, a craft show in Cincinnati at the end of April and being a featured artist for the Tremont Art Walk in May!  There's a lot on my plate.  Lucky for me, I am one hell of an eater :)

Heyo, it's almost the weekend!  Happy Thursday!

all photos taken with iPhone / via instagram (on_the_lookout) / edited with AfterLight, Diptic and Over photography apps. 


  1. check out the artist Nick Cave, (sound suits to be exact) love love love

    1. oh my word Suzie. #mindexplosion. you so get me haha. thanks for the info, these suits are insane and I LOVE THEM!