01 March 2012

eatdrink: Nut Milk Recipe

We're all quite aware about the most popular of non-dairy milks these days:  Hello soy and almond milk, good to see you guys again.  But, did you know you can make nut milk at home?  What about... pumpkin seed milk?  Hazelnut milk?  Or Brazil nut milk?  I know, craziness with all of the possibilities.  I found this adorable video on How to Make Nut Milk via amerrymishap and I've been jonesing to whip up some of my own non-dairy goodness.

Bonus: it's SO EASY, raw and homemade.  Soak, blend, squeeze and drank it up kiddies!

My New Roots - How to Make Nut Milk from My New Roots on Vimeo.

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