06 March 2012

Downton Abbey Paper Dolls

[If you mispronounced 'Downton' as 'downtown,' you need to get on the bus.]

WHOA.  Downton Abbey paper dolls? - Um, whose job is it to channel the hilarious nuances of a masterpiece theater series in outstanding and accurate, illustrative form?  Seriously, who's profession is that?  And someday, can it be mine?!

(Answer: Kyle Hilton - you are my fave.  Check out more of his work and paper dolls from a crapload of tv shows.  Spoiler alert: There are paper dolls of "The Gang" and the cast of Parks and Rec.  Consider your work day done.)

swiped from bigBANG studio.


  1. First of all, these are amazing. Secondly I am obsessed with all things British Period Drama! Lets get together and watch mini series anytime! Just watched one this weekend! ha! xo

  2. Ahhh! You need to move in to Kaitlin's place and we can do all sorts of dorky tv watching and artsy creations 24/7!

  3. i had a dream last night that i moved to england and was a part of an opposite end of the spectrum series called skins... think college, sex, and drugs. WHY couldn't it have been downton abbey instead??