02 March 2012

eatdrink: Green Juice - Treat Yo Self

[otherwise known as adventures in juicing.]

Alicia's recent post (green smoothie) along with this article from mindbodygreen (Unleash Your Inner Super Hero, by Tiffany Cruikshank) got me thinking that I wanted to create my own powerful, AM elixer - besides the go-to, soy latte that has become a daily (expensive) treat.

Drinking fresh juice from an assortment of veggies and fruits is supposed to be a wonderful way to start your day, as it packs a ton of vitamins and nutrients into a tasty, RAW beverage.  And because it's just the juice, your stomach doesn't have to waste energy digesting the roughage - all of that healthy stuff gets absorbed by your body muchMUCH faster.

I'm not one to have the patience to follow a recipe - if something speaks to me, I usually end up throwing it into the pot (or juicer).  That being said, I ended up using only what I had in my fridge this morning to make my first juice:

- 1 organic apple  *This made the juice much sweeter than I anticipated, so in the future I'll be using 1/2 an apple.
- 3 baby carrots *Again, carrots are naturally very sweet and high in sugar, limit accordingly!
- 4 BIG handfuls of organic kale.
- yield: ~12 ounces of juice (although this may vary depending on your juicer).

And the results.... green and DELICIOUS!  I felt spunky almost immediately and had that happy buzz that can only be felt when you do really good things for yourself.  7:30 in the morning doesn't get much better.

A few things I will be doing next time:
- Juice the kale and other "dry-ish" veggies first.  Watery fruits and veggies (apples, pears, celery, melon) should get juiced last, as all of the water expelled from them them helps "rinse" any stubborn juice out from the juicer and into your cup.
- Also, try adding celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger, berries... Pretty much any fruit or veggie you can get your hands.  It will taste good! Or it won't... but at least it will be good for you.
- Lastly, save the pulp, post-juicing.  I've read that it's great for anything from composting, to using in breads, to making stir fry, veggie stock or a smoothie with.

Happy green drinking!

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  1. Nice! This looks super tasty. And thanks for the tips on what to do with the pulp.