29 October 2013

On that IG : Wanderlust

Saying something like "I LOOOVE Instagram!" is stalker language for "I'm a little lot obsessed with secretly creeping around the lives of total strangers + I spend too much time doing it."
sianricho : Hokiang Harbour, NZ

But dang it, I LOVE Instagram. Scrolling though my feed isn't the most productive part of my day, but you better believe it gets done on the daily.

I get that many/most/all images have been set up, styled + aren't actually candid or in the moment, including some of my own. People spend a lot of time on IG and for good reason : fame + fortune + Rihanna + procrastination!

Plus, throwing a filter over that otherwise mundane pic of your din has to be the easiest way to show how freaking rad your life is - Do you see the way the light hits the chicken? So good! #nomnom.

maraserene : somewhere in the Redwood forest / thethriftstorecowboy : Horseshoe Springs, UT

As narcissistic + inconsequential as IG can be it's also pretty inspirational.  And getting to see the world through others' eyes makes me so overwhelmingly wanderlust-y, that I'll hop on AirBnB while simultaneously pricing out flights for my next imaginary vaca. It's fun + someday I'll pull the trigger and book that swanky flat in Cape Town. Either way, I love the accessibility of sharing images + how excited it makes me to see the world.

Who are your favorites on that IG?

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