31 October 2013

A Trip Down Halloween's Past

Just taking a little trip down memory lane for #tbt + Halloween! My favorite part about Halloween is creating a costume that is SO homemade but so on point and then taking it way. too. far.  If you've ever seen me in any costume, you know I STAY in character all day + night, possibly to the point of annoyance. This year I dressed up as a black kitty and yes, I was seen chasing my own tail/giving salty looks/being awesome/demanding catnip.  Cheers to a holiday that gets better as you get older!

Mario + Luigi hit the streets of Chicago and act a damn fool and draw on their faces with permanent marker! (2007)

 UPS Delivery DREAM TEAM! Opps, my scanner is on. (2008)

 Masters of the Universe + of everything else. (2009)

Anatomically Incorrect Skeletons. (2010)

The Indigenous Cave Peoples of Northeast Ohio. (2011)

Invisible. (2012)

A Black Cat from Hell, apparently. (2013)

Yep, already thinking about next year.  I have a pretty solid idea that I've been wanting to do for a while now...  HAPPY HALLOWEEN, kids!

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