28 December 2012

DIY: Spray Painted Wire Rack

Do you like free stuff?  I do... a lot. My ears perk up automatically as soon as I hear "Does anybody want this desk/chair/candy/shirt/hat/pencil/cookie/dirty wire rack?" And just like that my hand shoots up and a subtle, yet firm "Me!" escapes my lips before my brain even knows what's happening. I figure I'll accept now and decide what to do with it later.

Case in point: Chipped wire rack, covered in garage grime - layers of dusty filth, cobwebs, dead bugs and leaves.

"ME! I want.  It's mine, give it here.  I'll take it, just need to make space in the car. GIVE IT. MINE. Thank you."

DIY Neon Spray Painted Rack by OTL blog

This little rack needed some punch and bright furniture has been all over my Pinterest boards, so it was a pretty obvious and simple idea. I love the outcome, plus it cost under $12.  And now my plants have a pretty place to bloom (AND NOT DIE PLEASE) in my little apt.

How to Spray Paint a Metal Rack
Skill level: Crazy Easy
  1. Acquire said piece and clean thoroughly with soapy water. Dry completely.
  2. If your item is a dark color - anything other than white probably - prime it or fill in any chipped or dark sports with a paint or spray-on primer. This might take 2-3 coats.
  3. Allow primer to set according to instructions. Then, with a color of your choosing, spray paint the hell out of it. (Ideally on a large tarp, away from anything you don't want to get ... colorful.) Painting wire is kind of a drag, as most of the surfaces difficult to see/reach and you will feel like a lot of paint is being wasted  floating off into the air. Keep going, persistence and a strong trigger finger are key. And rotate that thing, make sure you get it from all angles.
  4. Let dry, place some chachskies on it and be done!

How do you guys get down with spray paint?  It's so versatile and the color selection is pretty amazing, right?!


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  2. After having used this, did the paint start chipping off or did it withstand well?