21 August 2012

Something For You // iPhone Wallpapers

Claire, from one of my favorite blogs, fellowfellow, always gets me inspired to draw, create and build. Her blog is a beautiful assortment of  photographs from the most interesting locations (she lives in Singapore!!), simple and well-done DIYs and a peak into her lovely life. She's got some killer graphic design skills and shares them with her readers in the form of {Freebies!}, which are her designs on pretty, printable gift tags, iPhone wallpapers, etc. Did I mention you can get these FO FREE?  Check them out, they are rad!

I've downloaded a few of her wallpapers images and I decided I wanted to make some of my own too, as a way to share with yous guys and to thank you for coming all the way over to this here blog.  So, here you go, round 1 of some FREE stuffs for your phone :)

free iphone heart wallpapers via on the lookout blog

free iphone heart wallpapers via on the lookout blog

free iphone heart wallpapers via on the lookout blog

[iPhone Instructions] Get one of the wallpapers on your phone by:

1 / First navigating to this blog post on your phone.
2 / Then hold your finger over the image you like until a menu pops up.
3 / Press "Save Image" the image to your camera roll.
4 / Then, go to your camera roll press the little arrow in a box button in the bottom left corner.  This will give you a bunch of options, one of which is to "Use as Wallpaper."  And, boom, DONE.

*You can probably also select a image to use for a wallpaper or homescreen somewhere in your settings, if you happen to use an Andriod phone or something else.  I'm not sure, I'm an iPhone elitist, so I don't concern myself with such things too often (HA, I kid.)


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  1. I love these! I may just have to switch out my old background image for this one! Thanks!!