16 August 2012


[aka the slippery slope I like to call "excessive re-branding."  And while it may be impractical to change your logo / color scheme / fonts / blog layout every few months, this what I love most about this little business of mine, so that is how it shall be.]

Biznass cards. Oh, the possibilities:

So, it's been a lot dead over here on the blog and that's a little bad, but mostly good.  Things like recovering, relaxing and restocking after my first show have been at the top of the list and I am slowly, but surely, making my way back to this little corner of the internet I love so much.  I cannot even begin to explain how amazing the show at Art in the Petit Parc was and I want to send out a much belated THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone involved :) I really had the time of my life and have not stopped smiling since!

One of the small, nit picky, misses I had for my show (and lucky for me, I really had none) was that I didn't order enough biznass cards to go along with all of the sales.  I knew this might be a problem before hand, so tried to create some cards at Kinko's on the quick and cheap, which resulted in a lackluster performance: hand-cut, flimsy, pieces of paper, with a blurry and off-color logo and image. I'd show proof, but I tossed them shortly after, to erase all traces of my sub-par planning and design.  Just trust me, they were horrible.  You may have gotten one and not even noticed how ragged the edges were.  But I did.  Details.  Anyway, I am a mere month away from my next show -- Tremont Art Walk at Banyan Tree, Friday 09/14 -- so I wanted to get a head start on new cards.

Above are a few ideas for new business cards.  I may regret asking this, but, your thoughts, please?  If you could so kindly leave a comment, it would mean the world to me!


  1. Just throw me some friendly advice on what you like or don't like about the business cards I'm working on!

  2. i like the last one. People want to see your product. I am not crazy over the stars. I do not think they reflect anything about your design aesthetic. It is too heavy with the type which is more light and classic. In place of the stars i would possibly write your name, as you are the creator of your brand identity. I also think the kerning is too close together on your information on the back. give that text some space to breath. The @ symbol is not really working with this type face. (even though it might be apart of the type face) find something that works on the same plane. This one is raised and seems to be floating in its own space. if you must include the stars, i would have only an star outline rather then the filled in graphic. this could create a more airy feel and work with your type and space. (it also would reflect the type of star you use in your bracelets therefore reflecting one of your pieces). try using a star that is made up of angles rather then soft curves, this would again reflect the geometric approach to your work. i like the mustard color, just double check to make sure it prints out the way you see it on screen (check pantone code) yellows can sometimes be tricky sending off to print. You created a wonderful and modern business card, the hand into the white space is beautiful and graceful. keep going girl! you are doing awesome things!