18 June 2012

Big News!

[GIGANTIC things are starting to happen around here...]

It's been a while since I've been doing the regular blogger thing and I wanted to apologize and say that better posing behavior is on the way.  But, I've had good reason, as something super exciting (eeek!!) and fun is happening, this July 20th...

You see, on the lookout was invited to participate in it's FIRST CRAFT SHOW EVER!  I got the news last week and have been so insanely excited, I almost haven't known what to do.  Literally, my mind is spinning on where. to. start...  I foresee tons of work and some stressful moments on the horizon.  BUT, such is life eh?  Craft ON!  And if you are of the local Cleveland variety, why not pencil in Art in the Petit Parc Craft Chow on your list of to do's for next month? :)

The show will be thrown by Chatreuse, a graphic design company run by three, pretty ladies on the West Side of Cleveland.  It will feature local artists, many of whose work I have seen and purchased before.  I am SO fortunate to get to share some craft fair space with these creative folk!  The city of Cleveland gets a lot of crap from those on the outside, but it really is one of those places where the community is super tight-knit and supportive.  The perfect sort of city to throw caution to the wind in and start your own jewelry business in...

My first step to tackle this crafty event is to list out everything that must be done by the end of this week.  I've divvied up this project into 5 parts: Planning, Product, Marketing, Display and Set up.  That way I can have an actual plan of attack for each very different stage of the process.  Planning begun last week and consisted of sourcing all needed supplies - beads, findings, chain, leather cord, ribbon, brass, gemstones. Mega beading loot.  While that stuff is on it's way to my mailbox, I'll be using the transit time to create product.  After that, getting the word out will be the most important.  Once there's a little buzz, I figure I can retreat a little to create a custom display for said jewelry.  So, you see, there is a little bit of method emerging!  And as always, any tips would be much much appreciated!

OK, onward.  A messy studio needs to be cleaned and manyMANY lists need to be made...

(Just a quick shout out: Much thanks to fellow Cleveland crafter and blogger, Alicia, for passing along the info for the show!  She'll be selling hand made accessories at the even as well!)

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