12 April 2012

The Daily Draw // Logo and Package Design

[A peak at what I'm drawing today...]

Feast your eyes on round one of prototype packaging for onthelookout jewelry.  I think I've decided to do a combination business card / earring, necklace and bracelet holder - in order to keep my costs down and streamline the process.  When you're starting your own creative business and, hence, do all of the work, you gotta take the "easy" route when you can.

So far, my idea is to use rectangular piece card stock.  I'll then stamp my logo in black/gold/pink at the top and a row of three or five chevron/herringbone/triangles at the bottom in another color.  I figure I'll go ahead and hand cut slits or holes in the card stock with an exacto knife, depending on what it's going to hold.  After that, I need to decide if those go into boxes or muslin jewelry bags.  I'm leaning towards boxes, because there's built in protection for shipping right there, but those little bags are so cute!

Looks real amateur, doesn't it?  Just how I like it... Simple beginnings soon lead to great things, I think.

And by great things, I mean I want to be starring into the likes of one of these bad boys one day:


  1. i think this looks amazing erica! i love the color of the paper! also i liked how you incorporated some of your drawings in the process. great job!

  2. Thanks Suzie! I'll need your advice and illustrating expertise to make it happen... :)