11 March 2011

onthelookout/ pre-shop opening

i love NE ohio.  i spent the better half of this ah-mazing snow day taking more pictures, editing and adding to the shop.  it's crazy how much better i've gotten at taking pics with my camera.  i seriously take the thing everywhere.  shopping trips to home depot included.  they boy is unfazed at this point by seeing me take pictures of lumber and screws.  the rest of the people there?  not so much.  whatever, practice makes perfect.

anyway, take a peek!  i got four necklaces up so far, with two more styles finished to shoot and upload tomorrow...plus a million more necklace, bracelet and earring ideas floating around in my dome.  but i am going to limit these new ideas to the daydreams and sketches, as constantly being in create mode, a cute store does not equal.  once i get the last two pieces up, then i can head back to making making and making.

my next major step will be taking this thing public.  facebook, mass emails, spreading the word to all...so scary, but so exciting.  a year in the making, i guess it's time to get the ball rolling huh?

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