29 March 2011

can we get a little warmth

spring has been creeping its way into NE ohio unfathomably slowly, but surely.  the past few days mother nature has been tempting us with the clearest blue skies and blinding bright sunlight.  unfortunately the temperature has yet to get with the program and is still hovering around 15 to 30 degrees.  cold.  not to mention there is still snow in the forecast.  roast.

come ON spring, i think we're good and ready to break out some colorful spring accessories, open the windows of our cars and homes and breathe in a little fresh air!  i am certainly ready for the flowers to bloom.  and my winter uniform --black north face jacket, jeans and smart wool socks-- is getting old and about to molt.

anyway, i've always been a fan of (any) COLOR, but recently i'm really craving bright blasts of pink, yellow, green, blue, whatever.  these are a few items that are making me extra pumped for warmer weather...and could be some great inspiration for another round of otl jewelry.  spring will come soon.  it has to, right?

1/ mexicana series pouches by scout&catalogue
2/ najavo quilt pillow by shapescolors
3/ geometry notebook from our our shop
4/ exfoliating olive oil soap by catherine filippelli
5/ rorschack silk top by dion lee
6/ peacock fan no 2 necklace by spinthread
7/ tangerine colored tights via anuk harvey
8/ totem necklace by onthelookout
9/ wool macbook case by spartan
10/ foot loose-tangerine-mango bango.  nail polish colors by essie
11/ a room at the petite hotel hafa swiped from scout&catalogue

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