05 February 2011

on the lookout : jewelry

ok, my ultimate dream for the past year or so has been to set up a little jewelry shop of all of the necklaces i make.  as of late, i am becoming really obsessive about making isshh and that seems like a good indication that it might be about time to plan on actually setting up said shop and selling legit stuff.

i have a small menagerie of basic tools (jeweler's saw, the boy's drill and hammer, bitty little files and sandpaper) and just made a bigger purchase for a fordome flex shaft kit b/c my current tools are starting to really limit what i can make.  with that i'll be able to drill smaller and more accurate holes, grind, sand and polish and be a less ghetto jewelry maker overall.  yay.  so i'm gonna start posting about this life project too...here's a small look at the stuff i am making.  pretty basic, but i like so far and you gotta start somewhere!

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