02 February 2011

lovers love love: the plan

oh hello. i've been reading a lot of blogs around these internets lately and i love the themes that some of these ladies have. modish has kitty photo friday; for me, for you is on with music mondayfly comin up with flygirl of the week; oh joy! has closet & casa; and bigBANG studio does it SO well with the sweetest xmas guide, "presents for the people you love".  so, i'm going to make the effort to get in on a BIG theme before it's too late -- valentine's day, every woman's favorite holiday.

i kid!!!!!

not like anyone is reading at this point, but i guess now is a good time to start the habit of thinking ahead.  so, in the next few days i'm going to make the effort to do my own love day post:  "for him" and more importantly "for her," before the big day hits...and if i have time, "for friends, "for cat," etc etc.   ok i'm off to start looking!  (and stenciling that quote over the boy's and my bed -- IF i can get away with it)

image swiped from seesaw.

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