02 November 2012

Smiling and smiling and smiling some more :)

I practiced yoga with my crew last week and the theme of the class really stuck with me :  It was about showing up... As in, who you are and how you do it.  The idea is to become so grounded in the phenomenal person you are, that despite the daily grind and the annoying-ass challenges you face, the core of your being is UN-fuckable-with.  You remain you, despite all of this... and despite all of that.  It will be hard sometimes, yeah.  It may seem damn near impossible some days.  All the more reason to make it possible.

The energy you choose to bring into a space has the power to immensely affect the people in it.  What great responsibility!  I like it.  I have the power... to make people...inspired?  Happy? Feel good?  Laugh?!?  Game ON!!!  Speeding ticket and dreary-never-ending-rainy-clouded-weather, you will not get me down! I've got a responsibility to smile and shine as much as I can in this lifetime :)

I hope that wherever you are, you have those "someones" in your life that give you the most fulfilling laugh or a face cracking smile or a calming touch - whatever you need to re-spark that grateful fire in your soul.  Think about it... You know what that feels like, right?  It's warm and magical and soso good. Take that feeling and become the light for others when they need it.  Take that feeling and PASS. IT. ON.

Let us be grateful for those who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  -Marcel Proust

And a Happy Friday to you and yours!

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